BC Peace River region beekeepers, Dawson Creek to Fort St John


  • Anywhere in the world, the foundation of bee health and beekeeping success is knowledge of the target blooming dates and production, for a bee colony’s nutrition and foraging opportunities. Without this target, the most well intentioned and resourced start-up will often fail, even with all the best equipment, bee stock and management practices.
  • The target is generally developed through experience and with advice from experienced local beekeepers: a beekeeper’s calendar. This information is often elusive or insufficient, sometimes contributing to beekeeping failure.
  • Technology now may have a solution within grasp. This project is intended to see, using modern electronics and the internet, if beekeepers (either beginner or professional) of a region could more accurately adjust their existing management to take better advantage of the forage available, and achieve healthier colonies resulting in higher yield.


Goal: to see if available hive monitoring systems can enable beekeepers to manage their colonies for better health and yield.



Information Gathered from Poster: Beehive Scale Weight and Temperature Monitoring: summer benefits and feasibility 2019 by Kerry Clark, Jim Morrison, Claude Paradis, Colin Runacres, Sonya Runacres.

Article from BeeScene, Winter 2019/20